Completed Quality:
Redesigning Applications for Ease of Access

Joe Alongi
4 min readJun 8, 2021


Ephemeral notions are this, you have an object, animate or more often not. The presence of quality behind this is alternative to the injunctive present, meaning, you always want more from the morsel than it proceeds.

This is quality the pertinence of the abstraction that the mind finds in the beheld, the expectation and the presence between.

Are you curious to perceive more, find optimism, sulking to want less, try patience; counters for the derived are found in the adjective not the verb, even less in the noun.

What you find is that completing anything means you have reached either of these presences, pinnacles maybe, where you want more or less. In life this is expectation, in theory this is relativity, and in consciously — purchased, bought, and wagered outcomes, this is experience.

Imperative Frameworks for Concise Action

Bolstering this means of objectivity to a matter more obtuse to one is the continuity between people, shared nuanced, and idiosyncratic development. I am declining strata here, for hubris, what intrigues me is more the conscious mind, how it solves an idea, and defines the evolution of thought.

Having recently worked on a project for European friends, I found this more and more intriguing. How is it that declarative beings across a massive body of water find something made here, interesting. How even do I find these people, technology aside, brilliance interwoven, the concept has its own appeal to me, the art of building products has its theories, similarly.

Excellence is something I have always sought, why in fact I juxtaposed these designs into a mock-up. Design is something I have practiced, hours, years, and engineering, years, and months. Many say that few between can overlap, certainly in the idea of continuum one or the other suffers, in a sense quality and skill.

I find myself at a time where, technologically, and aesthetically (design), I feel ahead of where most people would find themselves. If my style was modern, we would be waning on the edge of pre-contemporary. Skillfully, I always have room to grow, that is where the second interjection collides, opportunity.

Functionality Enabled Design for Experiences

Skill as we find, objects as we see, the beheld as we behold is only as proclivatous as our most recent expedition. Forged out of effort, is well, dust, unless that effort is something more woefully combined with demand. Then fostered in a sense, by that demand, to repetition, and repetition again until an evolved sense occurs.

A bounding return to connect the above and below in a meaningful sense is the idea, that ideas, are nominally connected. Solutions are solutions, at any scale, the audience only needs shoes to need laces, and so on. Connected people are people, language, style, art, selections, choices, en devours, paths, they are people.

Much as the Galapagos were a path for Darwin, any environment is for humans, cultivated often in upbringing, divined in such at our homesteads, in whichever that means actually is. We learn to breathe, learn our breath, and as much as we want, as much as we demand, we all have similar equities. Less of this is scientific at all, more theory, more perceived annotations of existence, though what else is a product if not, experience of existence.


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