Expansive Engineering — Imperative Programming Procedures

Joe Alongi
4 min readApr 23, 2020


The evolving world is becoming continuously more stratified, outside of the existing digital era is the need for resolution in many common problems, as the world developed to a distanced lifestyle.

Existing applications, algorithms, arithmetic, and cadence of use have shifted, expanded, and contorted the usage per capita of almost every digital product under the sun.

A time for device-based applications was yesterday and streamlined services tomorrow. Where this brings society is at an intersection of design and engineering that are yet to have been tested.

Static Templates for Dynamic Data Types

Normalcy, as we know & often miss in these times, is candor to our fingertips, hearts, needs, and wants. Spending most of the days in what feels like a darkened world. We yearn for more communication, connection, and beyond all a sense of position.

Everything that existed when the clock struck twenty-twenty was built for a modern era. A fluid society of people shared experiences built around a common goal that was touched throughout the day.

Now users cling to their social applications, TV broadcasts, government websites, cellphones, and modern technology, knowing only what has been developed and designed in a static focus.

The Status Quo

The daily use of popular global communication platforms have shifted to increase in use, 30%-40%, people want more from less and less to be more when there is no preface for this understanding in modern society. A focus of a product team yesterday was to reduce the number of inputs, and deliver a specific focus, tomorrow, it is to transition the opposite.

Statistical Models into Software Visualization Patterns

What has become of society in this reduction of occurrences has suited the social needs of close encounters & engagements, with digital experiences to bridge the gap, from this there have been developments to reduce time spent.

As we grow further apart and in dire need of services from all over the spectrum, the necessity for the vibrancy of solutions is that in which will free us. Pivoting here and there is every company looking to survive, crediting then and now are financial institutions, and sitting here and there are the people of now.

“We are looking to connect and entertain ourselves, but are turning away from our phones”

New York Times

Many sectors see a burden of use and have worked tirelessly to support the amount of mass transition from usage to the expense. Entities have arisen and focused their actions on new ventures to deploy solutions for many.

Ephemeral Production

At first many of the ideologies supported a small bloom of dimension that would not cause such a global array of focused intricacies and needs. That has enumerated, beyond the imagination of the modern infrastructure. Everyone is hungry for more, some simply hungry, some very bored, many looking for ways to become more and do more.

Distinctive Steps for Information Transformation

Reaching beyond even windows without some form of protection from the elements, that have shifted, are far and few between for many around the world. Knowing this, technology, design, art, and environment must shift to substitute for the formulation of experiences that occurs within these walls.

Services, applications, and experiences must adapt to understand the precipice of success even when the primary objective is simply more.

A captive audience with ideas about their future goals and an increased method of achievement means a focus on action. Proving this space is more a dimensional variable than it ever has been, the polished & anticipated nuance is as effective as the effective segment.

“During this emergency, we’re doing everything we can to keep our apps fast, stable and reliable” (Facebook)


Affirming choice, providing next steps, delivering value through quantity and efficiency with considered space is more favorable than ever before. For the technology that is behind, it must adapt, for the servers that are occupied, they must scale, for the products that deliver one solution, must adapt.

Creativity is only as great as the tools it is given, in these times, and the immediate future, that which exists will only suffice for so long, retention will be less about focusing the action via choice, and more about enumerating the solutions.

It is not only communicating the problem, with family & work, but finding solutions to everyday needs, getting information about the topics that pertain to these experiences, and creating new opportunities.

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